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Snugglepuss Pedigree Cats

Ragdoll Cattery TICA Reg

Home to the First Mink Ra​gdoll Imported Into The UK in 2014

Niamey retired from my breeding program in 2018 and now resides with my son and Niamey's grandson Ollie Dob Dob. I am so pleased with the mink ragdoll lines that I have bred. In keeping with the type of ragdoll we all love. The fantastic laid back nature and profile, that is something very important to achieve and keep to that standard.

Niamey elde von

den lichtalben

(Niamey noble

of the light Fairy)

Niamey is a seal point mink Ragdoll not a traditional Ragdoll we picked Niamey up from Oberhausen Essen Germany on June 21st 2014. We are very grateful to Pia and Petra for allowing us the pleasure of having this little treasure.

We had a great trip collecting Niamey, I have posted some photos of us all together in Petra and Oliver's garden enjoying a meal and enjoying their wonderful hospitality and our first cuddles with Niamey. She is such a floppy Ragdoll and seems more relaxed than my traditional Ragdolls. Niamey has been with us just over a week now and has settled in fantastically well. Her pet name will also be Niamey as we do like the name so much and this is with Pia and Petras approval that we continue to call her Niamey.

Niamey was the first Mink Ragdoll in the UK, many Ragdoll breeders do not accept them here in the UK, they are accepted in the USA and Europe.

I personally like the mink Ragdoll I find it a stunning looking cat, albeit a non traditional, they are fully traceable back to Ann Baker. Some Breeders believe that they descend from the Ragamuffin, which also has Ragdoll in their lines whom also trace back to Ann Baker.

Now owning a Mink Ragdoll I cannot see any difference in their personalities and their laid back nature in comparison to the traditional Ragdoll, if anything Niamey is much more floppy, absolutely as crazy and entertaining and puppy dog like as all my traditional Raggies. Niamey has full SBT registration with TICA making her a true Ragdoll.We look forward to watching Niamey mature and we also will be staying very much in contact with Pia and Petra our new found friends in the Ragdoll world.

Niamey won 'Best In Show' at the Dortmund Cat Show. We are very proud of this achievement. Pia informs me that she believes this is a first for a mink Ragdoll.

Looking at this from 1979..I believe that looks like a mink Ragdoll on the right.