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The Importance of Being Indoors

In Memory Of Simba

On Saturday the 26th May 2013 I received a phone call from a lovely Lady Paola. She owned two of my Ragdolls Simba and Toto.

They have been with Paola nearly three years. Paola was very distraught when she called me, it took some time to understand what Paola was telling me.

Unfortunately she had found Simba on the front lawn lifeless, the children were trying to wake him. Simba had only been in the house five minutes prior to this, so this came as quite a shock in such a short space of time his life was taken. Simba had been outside many times before but on a harness and lead. Unfortunately he had somehow managed to wander outside without this.

I brought Simba into this world and I went to Paola's aid, as she asked for my help, I never thought that I would be any part of Simba's departure to Rainbow Bridge as a breeder, but I felt I had to assist Paola at such a distressing time.This was such a tragic accident, Simba had been hit by a car. I also have arranged Simba's cremation and his cat urn for Paola. Toto has been mourning the loss of his companion now for five days, he is not eating and has a very upset stomach. It is not only us humans that mourn the loss of our beloved pets.

To help with Toto's loss I have let Paola have Simba's mum Mishka, as I had just retired her from breeding. By no means does this ever replace Simba but this is to help with Toto's grief. Given time I am sure Toto will grow to love Mishka as he did Simba.

I am raising the importance of Ragdoll's been kept indoors, as this is a very tragic accident and it happened so quickly, it also actually question's if they should be allowed outside on a harness and lead. Thus creating a false sense of security. Ragdoll's do not have any road sense and this is why they should be kept indoors at all times.

It is easy to think that they will be fine outside, but in a split second Simba's life was taken.