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Snugglepuss Pedigree Cats

Ragdoll Cattery TICA Reg

Home to the First Mink Ra​gdoll Imported Into The UK in 2014

Your New Kitten Shopping List

Cat Bed (ideally a round bed with removable cushion)

Cat Food/water bowls (ceramic or metal)

Cat Food Kittens are raised on Happy cat Junior /Kitten dry food, you may sign up for a discount via their website. Cosma Asia, Concept for life kitten pouches in jelly. Zoolove Chicken & Tuna, Iams Kitten pouches. Available from We also feed raw this is Purrform kitten double minced.

Cat Tray and litter (a hooded litter box is a good idea, for ease of use I recommend that you use the base on its own to start with, gradually introducing the lid with the door removed for a week or so then replace the door) Your kitten has been raised with baby chick crumb which is the same as Worlds Best, it is also biodegradable. Baby chick crumb can be purchased from Amazon or a good agriculture store. Worlds Best also available from

Cat Tree/Scratching Post. I highly recommend that you purchase either one of these to save your furniture being ruined by the kitten naturally wanting to sharpen their claws. A cat tree is the better option as cats like to sleep in a high place and it serves a dual purpose as it is also a scratch post.

Cat Brush. I recommend the small paddle metal toothed type with plastic on the end of the metal bristles. To be brushed on a weekly basis to start with so your kitten gets used to this, this can then be done either once a fortnight or monthly.

Cat Toys. As Ragdolls are indoor cats, they will need some indoor fun to stop them from boredom. I recommend catnip mice, balls. Plastic balls with a jingle, chase toys such as cat senses, which are either round or a tubular design and these keep the kitten/cat amused for some time. A cat laser toy where you can have lots of fun interacting with your kitten.

Cat Travel Carrier. I recommend a good sturdy plastic one and of a good size with enough room for your kitten to grow into and of course you will need one when collecting your kitten.

Cat Flea/Worming. I recommend Stronghold which is only available from your vet. A good alternative (which does not worm) is Frontline which can be purchased from pets at home and some chemists online stock this. Both products are done on a monthly basis.

Cat Treats. All kittens and cats like the occasional treat. These are widely available, Dreamies are a favourite, milk/catnip drops. I do let my cats have some cooked meats and fish too.

Useful Stockists Websites. Planning ahead when you have a few weeks or so can save you some money by visiting some of these websites as an alternative to your local stores. Everything can be purchased online. I would however recommend that cat litter should be obtained locally because of the weight factor. I have included Kalven cat scratchers in my list as I use these cat trees for my cats they have a very good range, they are all handmade and very strong and robust for the size of an adult Ragdoll. All parts are replaceable which makes for a good investment for the life of your cat tree.