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Snugglepuss Pedigree Cats

Ragdoll Cattery TICA Reg

Home to the First Mink Ra​gdoll Imported Into The UK in 2014

Kittens In Their New Homes

Fifi and Tiny Tim

This is Fifi she went to live with Penny and Dave and the family last November. Penny and Dave decided they would get Fifi a new friend introducing Tiny Tim as they have named him. Tiny Tim went to live with Penny and Dave on Sunday 9th June. Penny and Dave were so worried how Fifi would react to Tiny Tim's arrival. I reassured them that they would be absolutely fine given around three days. True to my knowledge of my Ragdolls sure enough by day three they were playing together on the cat tree. I have just been sent this photo Saturday 15th June.

This is a" love thing" going on it gives me great satisfaction to know that my Ragdoll kittens settle so well into their homes and in less than a week Fifi and Tiny Tim are the best of friends.

Peanut and Susie

This is Peanut he went to live with Annabel and her family on Tuesday 11th June. Annabel was worried about the introduction of Susie the Cocker Spaniel and Peanut. I gave Annabel some words of advice on introducing Peanut to Susie. On Thursday 13th June Annabel sent me this photo and a brief message to say that Peanut is settling in so well and he is fabulously confident and that Peanut and Susie are getting on fine and that it makes her smile. This is so rewarding for the time I spend with all my Ragdolls and also puts a smile on my face.

These are just two recent kittens that have gone to their new homes, all my kittens settle in so well I thought it was about time I shared some of the feedback from some. As with some previous kittens I will receive photos and letters or a testimonial.