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Snugglepuss Pedigree Cats

Ragdoll Cattery TICA Reg

Home to the First Mink Ra​gdoll Imported Into The UK in 2014

My Foundation Boy 'Flashoflight'

Pet Name 'Pebbles'

This is Pebbles he is my foundation boy and he was the beginning of my raising Ragdoll's. He gave me the passion for the breed. He is a Traditional Ragdoll and is eleven generations from Daddy Warbucks. He is also a Chocolate and dilute carrier. HCM and PKD clear. He has sired many beautiful kittens, he has such a beautiful character and mixes well with all our Ragdoll's showing no aggression at all. He is just everybody's friend. When I brought Pebbles home we fell in love with him and his wonderful character.

After having a bad start with my first ragdoll as a pet, due to vaccination. I decided at this point that I really wanted to raise Ragdoll's. Pebbles is the reason for my passion and my driving force and I am so pleased that I did, as along the way we found him to be HCM and PKD clear which was fantastic news, but even more so the fact that he has the best genetics for his breed.

*Pebbles is now enjoying his retirement*