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Snugglepuss Pedigree Cats

Ragdoll Cattery TICA Reg

Home to the First Mink Ra​gdoll Imported Into The UK in 2014

Roma 'The Cat Lady'

**Update** Roma has now sadly passed away and Poppy came back for a few days as Ellie was very much looking forward to having Poppy home again. However a wonderful lady called Pam (who is also a great lover of cats) dedicated eight months of her life taking care of Roma, running circles around herself! She did this out of the kindest of her heart, along the way she fell in love with Poppy, Pam was also taking Sophie a black cat of Roma's and of course Poppy's companion. After realising that Poppy was not the same kitty Ellie knew, but still loved very much, we felt that Pam deserved to have Poppy go live with her and Sophie and Pam's many other cats. I knew Pam would like to have Poppy as she mentioned this on may occasions, but we had to try bringing Poppy back for Ellie to make that decision on what was best for Poppy and after a long weekend, Ellie felt comfortable for Poppy to live with Pam.

Meet 'Roma' she is known locally as 'The Cat Lady' in Pickering, having been owned by cats all her life. I had the pleasure of meeting Roma last year, when sadly she had lost one of her beloved cats and she was seeking a new companion. I had heard of Roma and seen her around town quite a few years ago. Roma does not get out and about as she used to as she is a ninety years young and has health problems. I am writing this article about Roma as she shares the same passion for cats as I do, she is also a patron of 'The Born Free Foundation'. For Roma Cats come first in her life, so much so she has instructed the health professionals that if she should need resuscitating, the cats must be put in their indoor cage, so not to escape! As Roma said 'If they are not here when I am resuscitated what have I to live for'.

The reason I want to share with you Roma is that, what Roma informs me about ' Baby' Poppy as she is known to me, whom now lives with Roma and has done for nearly a year, absolutely says everything what I strive for breeding Ragdolls. I like to believe that I do make a difference in people's lives with my Ragdoll's, this I certainly have with Roma. Roma has had cat's all her life and each and everyone of them has been special to Roma. She has also over the years rescued cats and found them loving homes. I actually remember quite a few years ago my elderly neighbour passing away and leaving her cat. Myself and another neighbour took care of this cat until Roma came along and found her a home.

Roma calls me on a regular basis telling me all about 'Baby' and how she has given her so much to live for and that she is the best pussy in the world and is very special to her. Even though she wakes Roma at 2 am in the morning gently pawing at her neck and face! This means the world to me, just a few chosen words that makes such a difference. Baby has a friend 'Sophie' a black cat with amazing white whiskers, who I met yesterday. I was invited to celebrate Roma's 90th Birthday, a glass of champagne and some canopies and to see baby too! I have never seen so many photos of cats as I did at Roma's, but they are her family. Of course baby knew who I was instantly and was stretching her paw out of the indoor cage to say hello. As Roma had guests she did not want to risk her babies escaping, I took baby a new favourite ball and a cat nip little bear for her and Sophie to play with. Of course a present for Roma too!

When Roma took baby to live with her, we agreed that when the inevitable happens,( I'm sure that Roma would chose rainbow bridge to be with all the cats) that baby will come back to live the rest of her days with me and my family. Roma has also made arrangements for Sophie to live her days with Pam. I asked Roma permission to take a photo of her and write an article on my website about her and her cats. Obviously Roma agreed to this as I wanted to share her story, I hope that baby gives Roma years of more pleasure to come. It is lovely to meet people and make new friends through my Ragdoll's and I'm so happy that Roma came along when she did, I call it fate as I had just retired Poppy from breeding and Roma really wanted a boy! It was just meant to be.